Safeguard the cash sitting in the bank by investing in that which will bring cash-flows and valued experiences.
- invest in land, equipment, hiring, planting, water delivery,
- opportunity right now in growing weed, plus making products, and a good life
- stable place, so can stock prepping supplies, food, water purification

Plan how to turn the cash into a stable living situation that generates food and other goods for sale or place for services that people will need. Land, Crops, farm animals, useful products, skills, hydroponic gardens, natural foods, are also a hedge against currency devaluation or bank irregularity, and will hold their value.

Beware the hyperinflation of Venezuela or Germany before WWII. The currencies inflated 1,000-fold and more, rendering those with cash in the bank penniless. Further, central bank digital currencies (CBDC) are coming. Beware the programming aspect, ie, just being unvaccinated or visiting anti-establishment websites online could lead to frozen accounts. Ultimately, no cash security in the banks.

Think about other stores of value, gold, silver, bury copper, aluminum, equipment, liquor, household supplies, anything useful that lasts years, like opening a small store. Can use trade skills as well as products.
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